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The Wagon Wheel is a quarterly publication of the Duvall Historical Society. Our editor is Country Roney.

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Remembering Don Williams
Making History Today to Archive Tomorrow ~ Duvall Civic Club


Rebuilding Duvall 3-D Style
Reel to Reel Recap with Joe Dougherty (1886-1967)


Capturing Covid: Community Stories
Our Beloved Ruth (Coy) Bellamy
A Duvall Daughter Found
Local dogs ‘digging’ Ikaika Ward’s Eagle Scout project


Duvall Historical Society All-Stars
Changes Coming to Main Street Art
‘Shiver me Timbers’ – It’s Duvall’s Haunted Walking Tour
Tribute to Tove Burhen
Duvall Days Schedule at Dougherty House


Cemetery Tour
Quinn Burford Completes Eagle Scout Project
The Roneys and Their Ponies
Our Newest Board Member, Janet Kuller


Cherry Valley Pioneer Cemetery
Novelty Cemetery Twilight Tour
History of Cherry Valley Logging Company
Remembering Ray Burhen
Meet Your New President, Rachel Hess


Happy 102nd Birthday to Velma Pearl Hix Hil!
Judge Ward Roney Sr.
A Trip Back in Time at the Novelty Hill Cemetery
The End of the Trail: Duvall Books
The Dougherty House is Ready for Visitors
Hmong Means Free: From the Mountains of South-East Asia to Puget Sound


The Duvall Historical Society Says Farewell to a Good Friend - Verle Bowe
The Thayer Barn
Duvall Main Street: Then and Now
The Duvall Historical Society Says Farewell to a Good Friend - Mae Kosters
The Wellington Disaster and Other Train Wrecks
Urban Legend? Duvall's Unlikely Mascot
Memories of Floods from Yesteryear


Happy 100th Birthday to Velma Pearl Hix Hill
Duvall Shingle Mill
Historic Snoqualmie Valley Landmarks
Heritage Festival 2014: Spotlight on the Musical Artists
Tolt and Duvall Historical Societies Picnic
Duvall Days 2014
Dougherty Farmstead Open House Season
Sisters in Time
Snoqualmie Valley Life in 1855
Duvall's Little Postal Museum
2013 Duvall Historical Society Year in Review


A Blast from the Past - The Big Snow of 1915-1916
The Hippie Invasion: Tom Matthiesen
Heritage Festival 2013
Historic Treasure: Ray Burhen
April 28, 1968: The First Piano Drop
Historical Society Grand Marshalls; Ray and Tove Burhen
Dougherty Farmstead Tours
1913 Sears Catalog
Cherry Valley and Early Duvall
A Recent Acquisition: Cherry Valley Area Panoramic photo c. 1912
Happy 100th Birthday, Duvall!


Over 100 Years of Hardware
Giving Thanks to Ray and Tove Burhen
Duvall Heritage Festival 2012
A Duvall Reunion
Duvall Days 2012
Dougherty Farmstead Open House
Historic Carnation Farm

Top banner photo: Swinging Bridge, Duvall