Duvall Historical Society
Duvall Historical Society

Volunteer! It's Fun!

Donate your time and energy by joining us as a volunteer at the Duvall Historical Society. We are looking for people to help us in a variety of ways. Here are some of the great and important ways you can help:

  • Docent at the Dougherty House
  • Photographer to capture today's happenings for tomorrow's history
  • Garden maintenance
  • Design and implement exhibits
  • Help clean and maintain our buildings
  • Process & catalog: artifacts, books, and archival material
  • Promote Society membership
  • Plan & organize interesting programs on historical topics
  • Assist in meeting public research requests
  • Help organize events
  • Educational Outreach to our local schools to promote history of Duvall and the Valley
  • Plan and implement production of books

Please email us if you'd like to enjoy one of these volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunity emails

Sometimes we need a burst of volunteer energy and if your available and able to lend a hand, details can be provided quickly via email. Drop us a quick note to be added to the list.

If you volunteer hours and work at Microsoft or Boeing, both companies will make your generosity even more meaningful by also donating to The Duvall Historical Society based on the number of hours you have given. You are already making a difference; make an even bigger one!

This is your Society. Become an active part of it. We will provide the necessary training. We are preserving the past for the future. What could be more rewarding then bringing the past, the present and the future together?

Thank You! Thank You!

Daniel Kreymor
Thank you Daniel Kreymor for volunteering to archive and write articles for the quarterly newsletter. He was recognized by Empower Youth Network and given the Rise & Shine award June 2021

Brandon Phung
Brandon Phung successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review September 2021. His project was refurbishing the Dougherty House Milk House.

Denny Redman
Denny Redman, a local "long-hair" continues to support collaborations with Duvall Cultural Committee as well as a Sunday docent at the Do8ugherty House.

Top banner photo: Logging Truck